September 23, 2022

Yuzu Sushi News

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Kogoro Katsu proudly presents New Menu 📣

Kogoro Katsu proudly presents New Menu ถึง 3 เมนู ข้าวญี่ปุ่นหุงน้ำแร่ …

Celebrating our Newest Establishment in Vietnam : Yuzu Omakase

Thank you Prestige Cambodia

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Yuzu Omakase ゆずお任せ

Yuzu Omakase redefines seasonal catches into crafted culinary memory. Courses are carefully orchestrated with meanings and flavors. Take a journey with us.

Yuzu Suki ゆずすき

Yuzu Suki curates the new standard of everyday High-End Japanese Hotpot experience; combining premium holistic course menu with full sushi menu offerings. We proudly serve a collection of rare ingredients: including Omi Wagyu A5 (One of the rarest & oldest Japanese Wagyu beef dating back more than 400 years),berico Pork (Black Iberian Pig from Spain), and more.

Yuzu Sushi Delivery ゆず寿司

Brand is created with a sole purpose of bringing convenient and affordable Japanese food with fresh ingredients right at your doorsteps. Yuzu Sushi brings out unique dimension of food aromas with special house-made yuzu infused vinegar and top-quality sushi rice from Nigata, Japan.

Yuzu Ramen ゆずラーメン

Yuzu Ramen is proud to be the first to serve 100% authentic yuzu infused ramen imported directly from Fukuoka, Japan. With the traditional Japanese roots, Yuzu Ramen redefines Bangkok’s generic ramen scene with intense flavors and premium ingredients around the globe.

Thai Thai Boat Noodles

Through an extensive research and development, we are proud to preserve the disappearing art of boat noodles. Our uniquely rich and aromatic boat noodles broth will transport you right to the riverside of Ayutthaya where it all began. Moreover, weincorporated unconventional ingredients like American wagyu and Japanese glass noodles to the offerings to showcase a fresh perspective and an elevated experience.

Yuzu Honey ゆずハニー

With the acidity of lemon , and the sweetness of a tangerine , Yuzu is an extraordinary fruit – bitter yet sweet , with a potent floral aroma that is undeniably refreshing.

Yuzu Ramen Express

Yuzu Ramen Express is a direct descendant of Yuzu Ramen brand. With the same flavor philosophy, the brand gives more access to wider consumer groups focusing on the more affordable price point. Yuzu Ramen Express is created to perfectly accommodate a mass expansion in upcoming years.

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